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27 May 2013     3:03 pm     43 notes

Sarah Dick, Models 1

Our final go-see of our debut episode is with Sarah Dick, a cool chick with a distinct British attitude. Still living with her parents, Sarah is moving to central London in the coming months to pursue modelling full time, heres what she had to say in our Q&A

Describe yourself in three words: Optimistic, Loyal and Weird

Where were you scouted? After working in the Abercrombie store i shot the campaign over in California back in 2012, i was scouted and signed to Silent Models in New York

What do you get up to when you’re not modelling? I seem to always be modelling so when i can, i ride my horses back in Surrey as its full of countryside. I also love seeing my friends

Whats your biggest claim to fame? Shooting with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie

Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine

Michael Jackson or Elvis? Michael Jackson

Love or Money? Love

Sarah wears T-Shirt by Palace Skateboards, leather biker jacket (stylists own) and floral shirt by Topman

Photography by Ash Kingston Styling & Words by Levi Asher

26 May 2013     5:18 pm     39 notes

Agnes Nabuurs, VIVA

In the same South London spot, we met the super cool Agnes and sat down for a tea in a local pub cafè before heading off to shoot the Danish beauty by the tracks of Westbourne Park. Agnes is keen to give modelling a shot but also wants to dabble in her own creative ventures.

Describe yourself in three words: Curious, Positive and Enthusiastic

Where were you scouted? On the streets of Utrecht when i was 17

What do you get up to when you’re not modelling? I enjoy riding horses, reading and taking pictures

Whats your biggest claim to fame? Probably walking for Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 and shooting Vogue China with Daniel Jackson

Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine

Michael Jackson or Elvis? Elvis!

Love or Money? Always Love

Agnes wears cobalt blue biker jacket, Acne (Her own)

Photography by Ash Kingston Words by Levi Asher

25 May 2013     7:56 pm     43 notes

Eleonora Baumann, VIVA

For our debut episode, we caught a moment with Eleonara on a dull and rainy Friday in South London. In spite of the weather, we were able to get a few snaps and a short Q&A session with the humorous, Nordic beauty before she headed off to another bunch of castings and meetings.

Describe yourself in three words: Crazy, Funny and Loveable

Where were you scouted? On the street in my hometown of Munich

What do you get up to when you’re not modelling? I really enjoy music, playing guitar, singing and also i love meeting my friends. Of course, being a model means endless travelling so when I’m not modelling I’m travelling! 

Whats your biggest claim to fame? The new Versus campaign shot by Ben Toms

Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine

Michael Jackson or Elvis? Michael Jackson 

Love or Money? Love 

Eleonora wears black roll neck jumper, stylists own

Photography by Ash Kingston Styling & Words by Levi Asher